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82 min | English | Maia Kenworthy & Elena Sánchez Bello 

BAFTA Nominee 2023


The first feature-length documentary to tell the behind-the-scenes story of Extinction Rebellion, whose peaceful demonstrations in 2019 bring London to a standstill and become the largest act of civil disobedience since the Suffragettes. 


Within days of the protests, a climate emergency is declared by the UK Parliament and climate change is propelled to the heart of public debate. Nations around the world follow suit declaring emergencies. Yet as XR becomes a global phenomenon, internal tensions rise. Here we see XR Youth come to the fore, calling out the power imbalances of the group. For them, climate change is not just an environmental issue but is rooted in - and reinforces - social inequalities. 

HRH Rebellion still 1_Maia Kenworthy_Red handed.jpg
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