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Lee Grant: Restored

 English | Lee Grant

Three stunning new 4K restorations from Academy Award© winner Lee Grant.


The Stronger

Academy Award© winning

 actor/director Lee Grant's directorial debut short was adapted from the Strindberg play. Starring Susan Strasberg and Dolores Dorn.

Tell Me a Riddle

Grant's debut feature was the first major American feature to be entirely written, produced, and directed by women. An adaptation of Tillie Olsen's award winning novella by Mulholland Drive producer Joyce Eliason. 

Down and Out in America

Grant's groundbreaking portrait of Reagan-era America won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. She is still the only Oscar winning actor to direct a best film Oscar winner.

American Cinematheque LA - 5/5 DOWN AND OUT IN AMERICA

American Cinematheque LA - 5/11 & 5/22 The Stronger/TELL ME A RIDDLE

Jacob Burns Film Center - 5/19 The Stronger/TELL ME A RIDDLE

Lumiere Cinema LA - Series begins 5/24

New Plaza Cinema NYC - June The Stronger/TELL ME A RIDDLE

Film Forum NYC - Series begins fall 2024

More locations announcing soon

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