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A film by Taylor A. Purdee

For Your Consideration 

in categories including

Best Picture - Musical/Comedy            Best Original Song


The heart of ONCE... and the early films of Greta Gerwig."                    wdiy


"One of only a handful of fully theatrical films...It's a cool film with beautiful music and cinematography." 


"Magnificent locations...GREAT MUSIC...A FOLK-ROCK JOURNEY." 

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Filmmaker/composer Taylor A. Purdee has a lot of talent...Stop reading this review and check out Killian & the Comeback Kids." 


"Among the curiosities on the list [of musical contenders] are seven folk based songs from Killian & the Comeback Kids."                     


Hope Runs High Presents

A Karmic Release Ltd. Production

Killian & the Comeback Kids

Written, Produced, and Directed by Taylor A. Purdee

Produced by Roberta Morris Purdee 

Executive Producers Suzanne Curry & Liam Higgins

 Music by Liam Higgins & Taylor A. Purdee


Taylor A. Purdee, John Donchak, Nathan Purdee, 

Kassie DePaiva, Shane Andries, Shannon O'Boyle

With Maddi Jane

And Lee Grant

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